Home Appliances

Ease of use and advanced technology are among the most important demands made on household products. Our products pass every evaluation with flying colours. Various testing institutes have already confirmed their high quality at outstanding value for money.

When it comes to fulfilling the requirements for the eco-label „Blauer Engel“ for electronic appliances, our solutions are at the forefront of the market and they have also received top ratings from Stiftung Warentest [the German consumer association] in the category of home appliances.

In addition to technology and quality, design is also a key sales factor for household items. This is because, nowadays, home appliances are often no longer put away in cupboards, but are rather left out permanently on kitchen work surfaces. The continuous market research carried out by our development experts ensures that we are quick to recognise current trends and implement them in our solutions. Upon request, we also develop products precisely tailored to our customers’ specifications. Reliable partners in Germany and abroad guarantee top quality innovative products for both you and your customers, which easily hold their own when compared with other brands in the sector.